Unlocking the GPT Healthcare IPO: Is This the Next Big Investment Opportunity?

GPT Healthcare IPO: GPT Healthcare, headquartered in Kolkata, operates a chain of mid-sized, multi-specialty hospitals primarily in Eastern India under the brand ILS Hospitals. The company’s initial public offering (IPO) is set to open on February 22, with bidding concluding on February 26. Here’s a breakdown of factors to consider before subscribing to the issue:

GPT Healthcare IPO :

GPT Healthcare specializes in secondary and tertiary care, aiming to strengthen its hospitals’ specialties and services. With four hospitals in Kolkata, Howrah, and Agartala, the company provides integrated healthcare across 35 specialties and super-specialties.

Valuation and Recommendations:

The IPO is priced in the range of Rs 177-186 per share, with analysts offering mixed opinions. While some brokerages suggest subscribing for the long term due to the company’s strong foothold in Eastern India, operational performance, and decent financials, others caution against it citing rich valuations and concerns over revenue concentration and bed occupancy rates.

Financials and Future Prospects:

At the upper price band, GPT Healthcare’s valuation stands at a P/E of 39.1 times with a market cap of Rs 1,526.2 crore post-issue. The company plans to utilize the IPO proceeds for debt repayment and general corporate purposes. However, it’s noted that the company is yet to expand successfully outside Eastern India, and its bed occupancy rates need improvement for better financial performance.

Risk Factors:

Analysts highlight various risks associated with the IPO, including high revenue concentration in West Bengal, challenges in talent retention, land lease contracts, and maintaining quality services. Additionally, the IPO comprises 100% offer for sale (OFS), raising concerns for new investors.

Investment Recommendations:

While some recommend subscribing to the IPO for long-term gains, particularly for high-risk investors, others advise waiting and watching post-listing for conservative investors. GPT Healthcare has reserved portions of the IPO for qualified institutional investors, non-institutional investors, and retail investors.


As the IPO opens for public bidding, investors are urged to conduct thorough due diligence and consult financial advisors before making investment decisions. GPT Healthcare’s regional presence, specialty mix, and growth potential offer opportunities, but risks and valuation concerns should be carefully considered.

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